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The Best Glitches and Cheats

Welcome to our Cheats and Glitches page! This page was done solely by Doughnut861!

Actually it wasn’t. Burgers wrote that thing at the top, i just did the glitches. Lol, DN861:D


How to log on two penguins at once:

Note: You cannot have any saved penguin accounts on your homescreen

1: Log on to

2: Go to and hit tab until you can enter your name, hit tab and enter your pass, then hit tab and log in. Tab to a server, and voila, double online accountage.

3: Voila! You may now buy stuff for free, and bilocate!

How to buy stuff for free. Note: you need two computers, or just use two of these:

1: Log on to cp on both computers in different country Buy an item on one of them and when the ok button comes up STOP

3: Refresh your other computer ( ctrl + e)

4: Refresh the one with the ok sign but DONT CLICK OK

5:Log off the one without the ok sign

6: Log off the one with ok Now log back on and the item you bought will be there without any loss of coins!!!

How to duplicate your name/talk out of bubble:

1: Log in to the server and room on the penguin you want to do it on.

2: Now log on to that same penguin into a different server without logging out of where you went in step 1.

3: Now log out of both.

4: Log on to that penguin once again in to the same place as you went in step 1.

You cannot see it, but there are two of your names floating around the screen! And now whenever you talk it will be out of the speech bubble!

Disappearing Snowball glitch :

1: Go to the snow forts and throw a snowball at the words “club penguin time zone.” The snowball should disappear through.

How to do a blank bubble:

1: Simply log on, put a few spaces into the chatbar, and hit enter. That’s it.

How to Hold up all the papers at the same time:

1: Go to the Boiler Room and open the newspaper drawer 2: Click and hold the furthest back of all the newspapers

3: While still holding the back one drag your mouse to the next newspaper and click REALLY QUICKLY

4: Continue until you are holding all the newspapers up.

Note: This is annoying but its totally worth it when they’re all standing!

Toggle Screen:

1: Log into a server, and hit the +/= button next to the backspace for pc’s.

How to talk to a in an ultimate safe chat server:

1:Log into a an ultimate safe-chat server and while it’s loading, click the loading sign many many times. Then when the page has loaded you should be able to talk normally.

Get more than 100 buddies:

1: Have about 99 buddies

2:Now send about 20 requests out, when they come back, don’t open them.

3: After at least 6 of them have come back check how many buddies you have, it should be over 100

How to get a giant bracelet on your screen:

1: Go to the library

2: Position yourself as far away from the stairs as you can

3: Click the stairs, and immediately click the tales and stories button at the bottom-right hand corner of your screen

4: The bookshelf will come up, click the first book. (Rockhopper and the Stowaway) and quickly flip through it until the last page. Then click the bracelet

5: If you’ve done all this before entering the coffee shop, then congrats! Wait a few seconds and you’ll go there. There will be a bracelet in your screen that won’t go away!

Time Warp:

1: Somewhere on your cmptr there is the date and time, right click on it.

2: There should be something that says adjust time and date, click it

3: Adjust the date far into the future

4: now go on to club penguin hit the question mark on your chatbar and you’ll be REALLY OLD.
Note: this does not make you a tour guide or secret agent.

How to walk to the edge of a room:

1: Click the edge of a room

2: While your walking there click your mail button

3: A few seconds later, x-out, you will be at the edge of a room.

How to get giant items/pins on your screen:

1: Go to a safe-chat server

2: Walk over a free item/pin

3: When the thing that says would you like to pick up this item, don’t hit anything!

4: Keep hitting tab until a yellow box goes around the visit your igloo sign, hit enter.

5: It may take a while, but the item/pin should still be on the screen. Its really funny!

Do stuff really really really fast:

Note: Every button has a key link “w” is wave, “s” is sit, “j” is a joke, “d” is dance, and “t” is a snowball.

1: Use any of these, preferably j or w or t and do it rapidly and make sure that your not typing this into your chatbar,and you will be doing it very very very fast.

Odd sled gitch:

1: Play a sled game

2: Sometime during the game hold down the += button for about five seconds, (youll go off track!!!!)

Note: Only you can see yourself doing this.

How to get a sign that doesn’t disappear:

1: Go to a safe-chat server

2: Walk over a free item/pin

3: When the thing that says would you like to pick up this item, don’t hit anything!

4: Start hitting tab, when a yellow box appears around the map, hit enter.

5: Now, start hitting tab again, and when a yellow box appears around the”visit your home” button, hit enter.

6: When you arrive at your igloo, click yes on the free item, it will disappear, but the sign won’t go away!

How to never get the 10-minute logout error:

1: Simply open up the paper and wait, the error will never come!

2: Eventually cp will edit the site, and then and only then will you log out.

Name cheat:

1: Go to the login page and click forget your penguin, then relog him in.

2: Now go to your homescreen hit the start button, hit run, and type in charmap.

3: Now, instead of using normal letters, use the accented ones on the charmap.


Opening Page:

Okay,the first one is, that if you put your mouse over the yellow puffle he will erase his artwork. The second is if you click the green penguin on the tube, he’ll jump. The third is if you click the spyphone lying at the right side of the beach a secret agent penguin will jump out. The fourth and final one is if you click the starfish it will change into different things.

Catalogue Secrets:

In every catalog there are secret items. In every catalog there is a hidden red viking helmet, if you x-out of the viking helmet four times, you will be able to get a super secret blue one.

Cuckoo Clock:

Every 30 minutes in the ski lodge a cuckoo clock will shoot out and make a really funny noise

Club Penguin Emotes:

* Noise and Music Note=ET
* Puffle=EP
* Igloo=EI
* Coffee=EC
* Night-time=EN
* Four-Leaf Clover=EL
* Sun=ED
* Pizza=EZ
* Coin=EM
* Skull=ES
* Flower=EF
* Heart=EH

Not to mention the two Punctuation signs:

* !=SHIFT+1
* ?=SHIFT+/

You can also make the emoticons with the keyboard: (highlight so see)

* Laughing Face=E+1
* Smiley Face=E+2
* Straight Face=E+3
* Frown=E+4
* Surprise=E+5
* Sticking Out Tongue=E+6
* Wink=E+7
* Green Face=E+8
* Red Angry Face=E+9
* Sad Face=E+0

Secret Places on the Map:

Open the map on cp. Do you see the little floating piece of ice in the right hand corner, that is the berg. If your on the real cp and click there, you’ll go to the Iceberg! Do you see the four mountains on the map. The one farthest to the right is the Dojo. If your on the real cp and click there, you will go to the Dojo!

Become a Secret Agent: To become a secret agent, simply click the moderator logo at the upper right of the screen, then answer the questions (answers below). If you have answered all the questions correctly, you should have a spy phone the next time you log in.

Secret Agent Quiz Answers

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude
3. Report them
4. Saying their address
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
6. I want to help other Penguins

Tour Guide Answers: Once you are 30 days old go to the ski village and click the tour guide sign. Here are the answers: Skips with a skipping rope, Pet Shop, The Migrator, Boiler Room, Ski Lodge, 4, Beach, Black, Thursday, Mullet, Walk over it, 60, Flower Pot, Viking Helmet, Jetpack Adventure. Now just log out, and back in.

Cart Surfer: In Cart Surfer each time you die the track extends so make you sure you lost all your lives but one, the track will go further.

Jet Pack Adventure:

If you dont get any coins and complete the game that way you’ll get 3000 coins. Woohoo!  Very hard to do though.

Pizzatron 3000:

Ok personally this is my favorite game. On the opening page there is a lever, click it and hit start. You’ll be making Candy Pizza, which have twice the value of normal pizza!

Astro Barrier:

In the opening page of the game, click 1 to go to level 10, click 2 to go to level 20, or click 3 to go to level 30. After you beat level six, a screen will pop up, shoot the blue thing and you’ll get an extra life!

Ice Fishing:

To catch the big mullet you must have a yellow fish on the line when it comes. To catch the new fish use the fishing rod in the sports cataglogue. Simply go to the game wearing it.
Secrets (feel free to ask more questions)

Questions and Rumors

Q. Can you become a ninja?

A. This is probably the most frequently asked questions in all of club penguin. Well, the answer is, you used to be able to. Before club penguin there was something called Penguin chat3. You could become a ninja in that though. Cp even kept it as a secret item that only moderators could use. Unfortunately people kept on hacking it with cp trainer, so club penguin deleted it. The rumor about staying in the dojo for thirty minutes is a hoax. Club penguin also almost brought it back in September but it was quickly discovered by hackers again. And now that cp trainer doesn’t work they may have brought it back, but i doubt it.

Q. Can you tip the berg?

A. This is another rumor of club penguin. Sadly it is not true. There is no possible way to tip the berg. It doesnt take one person and it doesnt take 300 people. But there is something else that you can do on the berg that isn’t widely known. Once a year usually at midnight on cp, if you go to the berg you’ll be able to walk on the water!!!!! This did not work last year. But two years ago in the server of Bonza it happened. I dont have any proof. Other than i know it happened to me.

Q. What is a mod?

A. A mod is a moderator. Moderators are the people who go around on special club penguin site where they can ban people. On their special site they can see you, but you cant see them. They’re watching you!!!! Also if you cant log in to a mods account because you need a special ip address (computer number) that allows them to go on. Known mods are: Billybob, Rsnail, Happy77, Gizmo and someone else i cant think of. Their special banning site used to be but they have changed it since. So if you ever find it, then you might have the power to ban and unban people.

Q. How did club penguin start?

A. Before club penguin there was a game called penguinchat3. It was like clubpenguin only it was free there werent as many rooms and you could become a ninja. Unfortunately it has closed. There is a new penguin chat out though, but it is really bad compared to the other one .

Q. What is a cp-trainer?

A. Cp-trainer is a special hacking device made for clubpenguin. It is really is to use too. You could click a couple buttons and you would have the beta-hat and infinite coins. You could become rockhopper, walk on walls, clone yourself, become a moderator and alot more cool stuff. The only problem was you would get banned REALLY QUICKLY!!! And the person who created it made it so that if you ever logged on as someone, they would know your password and ban you!!!!!! Luckily they dont work anymore. Cp-trainer seemed great at first, but then it just turned into a fiasco of bans.

Q. Are there secret items in club penguin?

A. Yes, yes there are. They are: Orange Jumpsuit, Skateboard, Bling Bling Medallion, and an Angel Halo. Unfortunately if someone who hacked them is wearing it, it is invisible! Only moderators can see it!

Q. What is a Beta-Tester?

A. When clubpenguin first came out, there were tons of glitches not as many rooms and so forth. The beta-testers were the penguins who discovered cp first played on it first, gave the first suggestion, helped fix the bugs, and got a special item! In short: They were the first people to play cp and helped fix it.

Q. What is the rarest item in club penguin?

A. The rarest item in all of clubpenguin is something called the beta-hat. Only beta-testers and early cp hackers got it! It is party hat with purple and yellow stripes. People who have it are praised!

Q. Who was the first penguin ever (not-including mods)?

A. Thanks to Microchip123 for this. Using cp id coding, (each player in cp has an id-number, i looked for the one with the smallest number) i was able to find a penguin by the name of Tux to be the first penguin ever. He is currently not banned forever, and i am working to find his playercard to show D !

Q. Can you unban a banned penguin?

A. Yes, there are actually three ways. No matter what you hear, it is possible for cp to unban your penguin. Here are the three ways: 1. (the worst way) A penguin banned forever is actually banned for twenty years, so if you’re willing to wait, twenty years from now, you’re penguin will be unbanned. 2. (the ok way) First go to HERE. Once there, write a really well thought over letter of apology. Then, when cp emails you back, do exactly what they say. Usually they ask for your parents signature, but occasionally they will tell you they cant unban your penguin, don’t listen! Send another email if that happens. 3. (the best way) First call (250)-868-8622 then hit 4 and leave a message. Make it REALLY good, write it out before you say it, if you have to. In the call leave your phone number, penguin name, and email address. Hopefully they will feel sorry for u and unban your penguin. If that doesn’t work, then your penguin is doomed.

Q. What are the best and most popular servers on clubpenguin?

A. Well, there are two really famous servers, and usually one personal favorite server. The two famous ones are Mammoth (first page America) and Frozen (Britain). Now, in Mammoth the people who go there are fairly rare, and for the most part, very nice. Frozen on the other hand, is the obnoxious server, the most rare people go there, and they are for the most part, very cliquey. If you want a really nice server with not as rare people, go to a somewhat full server that isnt one of the two above.

Q. How do you become famous?

A. Okay, there are three ways to do this. 1: (the middle way)Be a really rare penguin with alot of rare buddies. 2: (the hardest way) Get alot of buddies who are rare, and get yourself known around a certain server. 3: (the easiest way) Get a website.  None of them are easy to begin with though.

Enjoy these,

Doughnut861 😀



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  8. Me too. Once you have the post card id, you can send whatever card you want. I’m not posting most of these cause i like to keep most of my hacks to myself. And my computer which had all my hacks on them just broke. Lol, i’ll start adding some more soon.


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  23. You can make a funny sound using “E T” i believe.

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