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July 16, 2008

New Features are Out!!!

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Hi @ll!

Finally, all the new features are out! Woot Woot!! On today’s post, I’ll talk about all of them, So let’s get started.

-Igloo Upgrade:

The Igloo Upgrade Allows you to have a Background in your igloo instead of a blank white screen. Unfortuantely you can’t walk on the outside area But it looks Much Better then the Old Igloo. The Editing Mode is Also Different. This is the Only Feature that I am not Putting a Picture, so you Can go and Check it out! 🙂

-Penguin Mail:

Penguin Mail is also Pretty cool. If you Click the Mail button on the Top Left of your Screen, you will be able to use an awesome new sistem of Cards Sending. The First Card you will Receive Should Come with Free Item – Blue Mail Bag

-Server Selection Upgrade:

When you Log in to Club Penguin, The Log in Status Thing will now Say: Loggin In [Your Penguin’s Name]. This upgrade will allow you to Find a server in a Much easier Way. This is Based on what servers are your Friends at.

When you Click the button ‘More Servers, Click here’, You will see all the servers of Club Penguin in alphabetical order.This should make it easier for everyone to find servers.

-Player Card Upgrade:

With the Player card update you are able to Find Items much faster, in a much easier way. When you Open your Player Card, The Items you’re wearing will Fade in. This also happens when you Put another Item on.

To change Items, you have to Click the Little tab, at the Bottom of your Inventory, and then select The Item you want, Based on their Type. If you want the Bow Tie, you have to click on Neck Items.

-Some Other Updates/Upgrades.

  • Your Spy-Phone Is not On your Player Card anymore. He is now on your Screen
  • When you’re looking for an Igloo on the Map, they will look like real Igloos.
  • There is a Green Puffle at the Ice Ring.
  • When a Buddy log in to the same server as you are, A Yellow Ballon Should Pop Up.
  • You can now have Over 100 Buddies
  • All the warnings are Bigger

And this is How you Screen Should look like now:

Please leave a Comment saying on how you feel about the ‘New Club Penguin’.

Waddle on, Pengs.


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  1. Give me a link to a picture showing more than one hundred buddies.

    Comment by Fluffycatfan — July 16, 2008 @ 4:30 pm

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