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May 17, 2008

10,000 Hits Party – Success !

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Hiya guys, Burgers just had his party and it was  …….GREAT  !  ……… He added many people from what iv’e heard !  Here is what we did :……..  First  ( like it said on the banner  )  we all met up at the dock at 2:00 PST, then we played games ( mancala / tic-tac-toe ) . We also went to a big range of rooms, including Burgers Igloo !  We chanted, smiled, laughed and even got to know eachother a bit more. Unfortunatly people started to leave and eventualy, there was only about 10 of us left. We still had a good time untill…………….. Burgers had to leave ………… We were quite shocked because he left quit early, the good this was…. HE CAME BACK ! Lol, we had one last final chat untill he really had to go. Anyway, thats it from me for now. Cant wait untill the next party !  ~  Thanks, Bomber2   ~

Here are some pictures of the party  ( i think Burgers has some picture to post asswel )  We will have to see.


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