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May 15, 2008

New News and Breaking News…

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This is Ed324’s just so we all know.

Hello penguins,

The new newspaper is out today! It’s mostly about the Medieval party and the “Ye Olde Igloo Contest” which if you are one of the winners, your character will win 10,000 coins. Here are the important facts for this weeks news.

This week’s newspaper is a continuation of the story about the “Three Penguin Knights.” It’s the final chapter before the party comes so if you didn’t read it yet, Click Here to read about the first part and look at this week’s paper to view the rest of it on page A2-A3.

About the Igloo contest, the winners will be announced on May 29th which will be two weeks from now. All it basicly is is make the best igloo you can. Here’s a quote from the newspaper: “Lo! Ten winners will be selected by our noble judges! Igloos that are creative, clever and courtly will be closely considered.”

And last but not least, here are the events.

Until then…

Waddle on!

~Ed324 and BR


I reported before how Rockhoppers Plant had been growing.  Well, we were right!  It continues to grow!  Have a look:

Hmm, how tall will it grow?



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