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February 29, 2008

Newspaper Update and ONE THOUSAND HITS!!!!!!!

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OUR SITE HAS REACHED 1000 HITS!  WOO!  This is the invite to the 1000 hit party!


Not included info you should know:

-Party will probably end at 8:45

-There is a good chance you will be on my buddy list!

 I hope to see you there!

Also, there is a new newspaper!  It talks about the upcoming Sports Shop update!


Here is the full version viewable off Club Penguin:

Important points:


From what the article says, Aqua Grabber will have an update and we will grab more wreakage!  It also suggests that the Beach will begin to look more like a ship!


It says the new book are a little delayed, and this is something interesting from the page:

“The stories will be called ‘Paint by Letters’, and the Snowball Press has promised two stories at first, one a little easier than the other, so penguins young and old can enjoy them”

Hmm, sounds cool!


Also, the new lures will be ready tomorrow and we will be able to catch the new fish!  I can’t wait to catch these alusive new grey fish!

Finally, the First Penguin of the Week is over!  The winner is…

1st: JACKBOB!!!

2nd: Ed324

3rd: Booga Nogga, Supposed

Also, the new Penguin of the Week is on!  This means the Penguin of the Week was updated! It is about “Ultra Famous” penguins. 

Here it is:

Finally, my image system is perfect again, so more pictures will be on the site!



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