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October 11, 2009

Hey, Guys!

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I’m back!!! If you still want me to keep posting please comment.

May 31, 2009

Does ANYONE Still Come Here

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Lets face facts… this site is as good as dead.

May 4, 2009

Rockhopper Pics and New Play Coming Soon

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As you know, Capt. RH is in Walt Disney World (not that s%$# of a park they call Disney Land, LOL). Here are some pics from the CP site. I’ve never been to Disney World (or Disney Land for that matter) but it looks pretty decent.


Also, there’ll be a new play on Friday (along with the Medieval Party) and I don’t what it’s gonna be about but here’s what Billybob said.

What do you get when you mix up some actors and a ghost… a detective and a hysterical singer? We hope you get a new Club Penguin play that you say is really cool!

Hmmm… could be fun. At least it’s new. Thank God! Here’s a sneak peek


That’s all for now!


May 1, 2009

Catalog Secrets!

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I’m going to make this quick, sweet, and to the point.


Click the dragon shadow to get the blue dragon.


Click the brick to get the crystal staff.


Click the window for the the woodmans hat.


Click the coffee cup for the graduation hat. (sorry for the little screw-up in the picture… damn faulty program)


Click the intersecting lights for the viking helmet(s).


Click the “FEE” for the spikester.


Click the pouch to get the boa. (is it just me or is the area where you click a little too close to… well, you know)

That’s all for now! Have a great Friday guys!


April 1, 2009

April Fools Party!

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Well, the best party has returned! AWESOMENESS!!! As always it’s a propeller hat for the free item. This year it’s at the Mine.


Next is something that’s never been done. A box store! Buy it for all your boxy needs! BTW it’s at the Snow Forts. Get the portal box first. If you use it it’ll take you somewhere awesome… The Box Dimension.


Lastly one of the bets parts of the April Fools day party… the Dojo. Everything in the dojo is black and white and you can walk on all of it. That includes the Dojo, The Dojo Courtyard, and the Ninja Hideout.


That’s all for now!


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